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The Francigena Road in Tuscia
An environmentally historic walkway in the countryside of Latium

The Francigena path stretched from Canterbury to Rome and was travelled upon for seven centuries by a multitude of pilgrims who yearned to reach the Eternal City; the place of St. Peter and St. Paul’s martyrdom.

Moreover, the Francigena was also the chosen road of sovereigns, emperors, armies and members of the clergy. The reconstruction of its route was made possible due to the travel diaries of the archBishop of Canterbury who, in 994, came to Rome and described every stop taken during the journey.

The walkway that crosses Latium is about 170 kilometres long, immersed in the beauty of Latium’s countryside: It begins at Proceno (Postal Station) and continues through Acquapendente, Bolsena, Montefiascone, Viterbo, Ronciglione and San Martino (depending on how one chose to cross the Cimini hills), Vetralla, Capranica, Sutri, Monterosi, then entering into the triumphal road to Rome.