La Tuscia
da: "I racconti della Tuscia
drammi drammoni  drammetti"
Francesco Menghini


MY COUNTRY, I said, it's the Tuscia. The Tuscia is the Viterbo Area. The Tuscia isn't a district but a continent: in miniature I'd say. Europe is the garden of the world, Italy is Europe's garden, the Tuscia is Italy's garden, i.e. the Tuscia is the garden of garden.

LET'S START with the weather. It is said of some fortunate islands that there's always spring. In tuscia we have all the seasons, the sweetest and the most pleasant of the world. Summer isn't too hot because of the morning's fresh sea breeze; and at night, the mountain, breeze; winter is never rigid. It is rather pleasant ever when it rarely snows. Spring, then it's a splarkle of light and colors, happiness and festival; autumn is better than spring. More over, the weather has different shades: close to the sea is different from the lake side; mountain is different form the plain, in the hill it is different from the wetlands.

THERE'S everything in Tuscia: sea with beaches or rocks, mountains hills, plains, lakes, rivers, wetlands and brackish zones, natural, or artificial like salt mines, with an incredible range of animals and plants. The Vico Lake, with his lovely straw plants home of folaghe birds and water birds; the Bolsena lake one of the biggest volcanic lakes, surrounded by bushy hills and mountains; the Mezzano lake, solitary and wild , other's refugee, where the Selva del Lamone it's not far from its banks, the Fanum Voltumnae lied, if my readers ha followed the story.- immense and misterious, forest and rocky desert, the Monterosi lake, small and stunning and sweet like a silver confectionery; the Bracciano lake which is not in the Viterbo Area but it's as it was. These are Tuscia's jewels ......
AND WHAT ABOUT TOWNS? There are some of the best in the world. Each one has its castle, its own history, its particular shape, always same, always different like Bach's escape: Viterbo Pope's city, Canino, where the Farnese family and bonaparte's principality lived ; Tarquinia la Turrita, Tuscania with its beautiful mountains, Montefiascone with the Rocca dei Papi, over the Bolsena Lake.I can't tell them all. An history and encyclopedia wouldn't be enough; it is important to remind some of them, the others are as much important and beautiful and smaller; Pianiano antique refugee for escaped Albanians coming from Scandeberg; Roccalvecce, small village with a castle; Civita di Bagnoregio the city that is diving! Suspeded between earth and sky, among the clouds like a wondering dream ......

THERE'S THE MAREMMAN TUSCIA, like Castrense, once Ducat of Castro, controlled by the Farnese family; and the mountain side: green and full of olive trees and in some parts rocky and steppe like; bushy and full of chestnut grovesand nut trees. And then ......

 "it's paradise"